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Armageddon Was A Wednesday: Part One   
01:47am 01/06/2005
mood: accomplished

June First ; happily met ^__^


Click to Purchase
40page Paperback for only $7.99

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Which has been lovingly revised, even though this thumbnail has not ^_^;

- Tangentcomic.com is coming up on being a year old. That's just...CRAZY!

- 'Armageddon Was A Wednesday - Part One' is not only on-line and ready for consumption but it's available on its very own café press store. Very exciting XD

- http://www.cafepress.com/awaw_start

- And since it makes no sense to be having a store without a mass of goods; Behold! Lovely revised versions of old art and in new formats.







- If, for whatever reason, you'd rather not get the comic through café press, I will be selling at both Otakon & Yaoi-Con this year. That's one con per coast, so I don't want to hear that I'm not going the extra mile, because I'll be going an extra thousand or so... plus, no shipping cost ^_^ I'd love to see you all there.

- That makes three comics in as many years. . . whoa. . .

- AWAW will, may the gods grant me, continue/conclude in November 2005. Until then this place will be updated with randomness, . . . which, technically, was my original intention. ^^;


[Tangent: Comic] Armageddon Was A Wednesday   
03:38am 02/04/2005
mood: accomplished

Hardly secondary, but not quite first.


The MOST annoying thing about April 1st is if you choose to say or do anything, it must be superseded by the statement 'this is not a joke', which cheapens the intent.

So, instead, I sit on my hands for a full twenty-four hours before I can post :P

To recap, in November I participated in nanomango [30 pages of sequential art in 30 pages].
[Armageddon Was A Wednesday - Start Page ]
For anyone interested, I've finally re-edited and polished up the finished pages and uploaded them. If you're really interested I suggest viewing them on deviantart simply because the deviation comments offer some insight. If you don't, there is every chance you'll end up asking questions I've already answered. [For Example: What do goblins taste like?]

Thirty-seven pages and I'm officially out of line-art now, which means re-exploring the whole *head-stabby* fun of thumb nailing, dialogue editing, laying out of panels and gratuitous inking once again. I'm drained but enthusiastic.
Yes, it leaves off at cliffhanger, yes it's an unsatisfying end but it really is all I've got. No, this isn’t a joke.


Happy Chinese New Years, Lovelies!   
11:45am 02/02/2005
Year of the Rooster & AWAW:
Pages 11-15 of A.W.A.W. story arc now available.

Four Gallery/Print pieces added. Happy Chinese New Years!
I know, we're early for once... yes, I'm scared too o_0;

Store Link:
- bhanesidhe.deviantart.com/store/
- cafepress.com/tangentcomic
October... no, wait November   
08:53pm 09/11/2004
mood: forgetful
Fact is, I actually made these available for my own greedy self ^^;
...but for those interested randomly.
Prints & Stuff Info:

Prices vary: from $2 - $22.50
Items vary: from Stickers & Prints to Coffee Mugs & Puzzles
Store Link: http://bhanesidhe.deviantart.com/store/

*How are these items better than cafepress?
I dunno but some of the stuff just is. If I can produce it cheaper without losing quality, Hell's yeah I will! Not because I am generous but because I am broke & lame, and know how it is to want stuff but you're stuck being broke & lame.
Yay! Broke & Lame!!
August - NOT!   
12:00pm 01/09/2004
mood: productive
-Only updated Gallery things [profile too], but they is soo pretty!
New Art:
http://www.ohshush.com/tangent/images/tangent017.jpg [Version OZ: Bookmarks]
-Considering, now a domain name was acquired in fit of randomness, (heheheh, yeah baby. >.<) is moving to keenspace a terrible option? *ponder-ponder*

July (Mid )   
12:00pm 20/07/2004
  -Hehheh! just when you're thinkin' "Gosh, this comic couldn't get any lamer" we're now with the having of our own LJ. Why?
. . . Well, everybody's doing it so why can't WE!

Or, more rightly 'cuz more accurate updating, with regards to time-sensitive relevance is now manageable due to our tireless efforts in bringing you a better product.


curtesy of go-girly.com

note: among the newness, front page art. The shock is indeed so great, tongues were bitten. XD
May. . . er, June 09th   
12:00pm 09/06/2004
  - Don't ask me, I don't know what happened to May either, new art in Gallery I gather, not good art though, new profiles as well... Only thing I really remember was thunder & lightening, then losing on-line access for three weeks, which was frightening. >_<

Meanwhile, guess who's signed up for </a></font></b></a>nanomango again ^^;
I don't know why I get such a kick out of time sensitive things. Stay tuned, it'll be good!
April 20th-ish   
12:00pm 20/04/2004
  - Just so's you know, there is a new story in the horizon, but the 'horizon' is vast vast thing... then I never promised anyone anything so ;-P on you!
There is also newness in the Gallery Section, and it seems there was need to add a Fan-Art & Collabs sub-section (!)

[just scroll down to the bottom of the page ~_^....... I've never really gotten fan-art before. *swoons* Who knew it was possible to be this happy with your pants still on! <333!!!]
March 14th   
12:00pm 14/03/2004
  - I had hope to illustrate this in-time but as it turns out the story was too difficult for that; not because of details and schematics but because of sentimental reasons. ^_^
Have a Happy and Contented White Day, lovelies.
February 29th   
12:00pm 29/02/2004
  - Meh, I was hoping for more substantial update this time around, but what're ya gonna do...
Bookage: "Something Shoujo"
A story about three very different, very t00by/angsty, lamer High-School graduates. Oh, and of course, Love. Paperback. 35 pages.
- cafepress.com/somethingshoujo
January 27th   
12:00pm 27/01/2004
  Updates Abound! Revised Links page, added 4 Comic pages & artworks (Old & New) in the Gallery. Next Update,... god willing, Late February.  
January 4th   
12:00pm 04/01/2004
  - I feel I should reiterate, "TANGENT - the comic" is nowhere near finished, I've just been really hung-over.

Yes, for a month.
December 1st-ish   
02:42am 01/12/2003
  - "Something Shoujo" is finally done! (Starts HERE) Finished at 33 pages; to think I didn't think I'd even make it to 30. It really did come out quite good, if I may say so myself. I was thinking of putting it as a book on the CafePress Store, but alas, there is a problem resizing things for the appropriate PDF format. If anyone knows of any other free program with which to change format, lemme know. Also...
Gallery Section Added, with buttons and everything!
November 1st   
12:00pm 01/11/2003
  - Signed up for </a></font></b></a>nanomango. Why? Because I'm crazy, obviously. o_-;
Therein why I would need a much loathed updates section.
Vollnor Profile Added
October 2003 (Late)   
12:00pm 20/10/2003
  Added Otakon 2003 Re-cap... cuz where else am I going to put it?  
October 2003 (Mid - just a wee bit later)   
12:00pm 15/10/2003
  Holy Mary Mother of Fü! There be Comic content in there!! ^o^  
November 10th   
12:00pm 10/10/2003
  - Archiving all NaNoManGo things via DA & LJ before they hit the site here. If here is your only resource than story starts HERE. So tired.  
October 2003 (Mid)   
12:00pm 10/10/2003
  - boredom leads to web design. This could be an early sign of on setting senility, but one can't be sure.
Gallery Section Added.
Jeremy Malcolm Profile Added
Sidhe Profile Added
Wiccum Profile Added
Added to On-Line Comic Directory.
Still no content. Funny that.
October 2003 (Early)   
12:00pm 01/10/2003
  - While watching E.R., Sidhe zones out... Muses' run rampant. A Site is born. Content is still foreign to us.  
Sept 2003   
12:00pm 01/09/2003
  - Sidhe's Muses' kick her upside the head and demand attention. A Layout is obtained. Who needs content?